Amber is the older twin sister of Yuki. She is Juri's and Haruka's second oldiest daughter. She is the sister of Anithea, Kaname, Yuki and Nicholas. She is Kaname's wife and mother of two children. 

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Amber was the first born of the Kuran twins before Yuki. She is Juri's and Haruka's second daughter. Ever since birth she and Kaname had been engaged. She and Yuki were hidden because of people like Rido coming after them. Juri sealed certain memories of Amber's and she woke up in the snow outside the house, Kaname found her, they took Yuki to Kaien Cross and she went with Kaname to live with Takuma.


Amber looks like Yuki only she keeps her hair long. Her hair color is the same as Haruka's. Amber has Juri's eyes. She became full porportioned at age fifthteen. She usually wears lady like clothes.


  • Reading
  • spending time with Kaname and the kids
  • cooking
  • shopping

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • controls darkness
  • immortality
  • has a pair of wings that retrack into her back, they take three forms....bat wings, raven wings and butterfly wings
  • can heal vampires and humans with a single touch
  • power kick
  • controls ravens
  • wield hunter weapons
  • energy maniupulation
  • witchcraft
  • gemstone creation
  • telekinesis
  • create a familiar
  • controls her blood
  • demon form
  • shinso vampire form
  • pureblood aura
  • control other vampires
  • power over moonlight
  • resurrection
  • absorb other vampire abilities


Juri and Haruka: They are her parents. They loved and spoiled her. Juri sealed certain memories and Haruka fought Rido

Kaname: Was raised as his sister but they always intended to marry. She loves him

Yuki: Amber is Yuki's older twin sister. The stronger one of the two

Caniame: The older brother that was sacrificed to ressurect Kaname. He spent years regrowing into his normal form. He is in love with Amber and spent time with her as children when Kaname was at Takuma's.

Antheia: the oldiest of the sisters. Amber doesnt know her very well

Nicholas:Her last brother. He slept in the crypt in the basemnt of the Kuran Mansion. They have a difficult relationship due to him being away as she grew up but she trusts him.


(to Kaname as children) " I will be Kanames wife when we are the right age. Thats what I want mama and papa."

(to Juuri)" yay big brother Kaname is back, welcome home."

(to Haruka) " i will always be yours and mommys little girl."

(To Yuki)" please sister dont cry, sister is here for you."


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Amber's scythe