Lilith Kuran is the biologocal younger twin sister of Yuki and the younger sister of Kaname.

Background Edit

She was the second Ancestress of the Kuran family. She was raised by her older siblings ever since she was a little girl. She was very kind to everyone she met and would help those who needed it.

Appearance Edit

She has dark brown hair like Kaname, but has bright red eyes like Yuki. She's of average height and is exteremely pale (like all vampires are).

Personality Edit

She is a very shy and quiet girl, but she has inherited her sister's temper if she is insulted. She is very kind and acts mature for her young age but can be very stubborn at times.

Powers and abilties Edit

Lilith is capable of telekinesis and wielding the bloody rose despite it being an anti-vampire weapon. She has the ability to manipulate Shadows and to use them during battle or if she is in danger. She can summon Wolves and Foxes to her side as her familiars and is able to seal her heart and soul into them and able to stay alive as long as they aren't destroyed. She can sense a enemy a mile away and can control them by having the Shadows trap them. Her ability is using the Shadow Coffin: It is used to trap an enemy and bind them so they can't move or use their powers until it crushes them. She is able to turn bloody rose into a Double barrel gun with her wings spread. She also has the blood of a Vampire Hunter and is able to wield any and all hunter weapons and can take down a single enemy or a group of rogue vampires by doing the deadliest attack known to all purebloods. Like all Pureblood vampires, Lilith has immortality and the ability to heal from anything excluding anti-vampire weapon wounds to the heart or head. Like all vampires, she can absorb the powers from vampires whose blood she drinks. 

History Edit

Lilith was the precious sister of the Ancestress and Ancestor, so it made her an easy target for Level E's. She was in town with her sister one day when they were ambushed by rogue pureblood's. Lilith tried to fight them off, but she wasn't able to escape. She yelled for help and when her sistetr came, Yuki was held back one of the vampires and watched in horror as they drained Lilith of her life's blood and left her body with Yuki as they disappeared.